Municipal Street Way
Iron Casting Supplier to the Municipal Infrastructure Market

Cast Iron Parts for Water, Sewer, Safety and Decor

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Waupaca Foundry’s five locations around the United States produce material grades including ductile iron, high-strength ductile iron and austempered ductile iron castings. For heavy duty applications like municipal waterworks, wastewater or storm water, safety and decorative systems, cast iron from Waupaca Foundry is not only cosmetically pleasing, but highly durable to provide long-lasting parts. 

Municipal End-Use Applications


Waupaca Foundry Municipal Waterworks Waupaca Foundry Waterworks Hydrant
Waupaca Foundry Municipal Storm Water Waupaca Foundry Storm Grate
Storm and Waste Water
Waupaca Foundry Municipal Safety Waupaca Foundry ADA Safety Grates
Waupaca Foundry Municipal Decorative Waupaca Foundry Decorative Benches

Iron Casting Supplier to the Municipal Infrastructure Market

Waupaca is a trusted supplier for municipal. From heavy-duty applications like municipal waterworks, wastewater or stormwater, safety, and decorative systems, you'll find Waupaca Foundry iron castings including hydrants, valves, bonnets, valve boxes, ductile iron pipe, manhole covers, inlet grates, trench grates, sanitary sewer, warning tiles, ADA detectable tiles, ADA tact tiles, ADA ramps, tree grates, park benches, trench grates, bollards and much more. Material grades produced include gray iron and ductile iron castings.

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