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Iron Castings For Rail Produced by Waupaca Foundry

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Value-Driven Iron Casting Solutions for the Rail Industry

The rail industry relies on high quality iron castings supplied by Waupaca Foundry to keep rail freight and locomotive engines in service. As a trusted supplier to the rail passenger and freight industry, Waupaca Foundry provides ductile iron casting solutions for engine, rail car axles, suspension, coupling systems and braking systems. 

The suppliers we serve focus on helping railroads haul heavier loads over greater distances, with improved reliability and performance. These industry-leading manufacturers drive industry innovations that increase productivity, safety and efficiency. Rail manufacturers rely on Waupaca Foundry’s expertise, stability and cost-effective services to gain a competitive edge. Our iron casting solutions help suppliers keep their promises to the railroad companies they serve.

Waupaca Foundry’s five locations around the United States produce material grades including ductile iron, high-strength ductile iron and austempered ductile iron castings. 

We know that in today’s market, your job includes ensuring supplier stability and performance while also driving the lowest possible cost. Waupaca Foundry provides a number of value-added services  to simplify your supply chain. This machining and assembly, heat treating and paint services to reduce time and cost to market.

Rail Components



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Engine Components
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Suspension Components
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Axle Components
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Brake Assembly Components

Furthermore, collaboration early in the design stage before finalizing a casting design, as well as VA/VE initiatives  reduce costs and take waste out of the value stream. Waupaca Foundry engineers use advanced iron and sand flow simulation technology prior to production, so manufacturers can evaluate multiple paths before investing in tooling.

Whether expanding rail offerings or improving the design of existing parts, Waupaca Foundry will meet your program needs and get you the highest quality results at the best possible cost.

Trusted Iron Castings Supplier to the Rail Industry

​ Waupaca is a trusted supplier to the passenger and freight rail industry, producing iron castings for engine and rail car axle, rail suspension, rail coupling system, and rail braking.​

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